Thursday, 5 February 2015

Beautiful Icelandic music

I've always wanted to go to Iceland. I think it's because of the Icelandic music that created in my mind this beautiful image of land of peace, calm and good people. If I would have to describe Iceland, I would say that it's magic, although I've never been there. 


I can't say that Múm is well-known band. Actually, I have to admit that I know only the album "Finally we are no one". I fell in love with this band because of the vocalist, Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, and her soft and a little bit childish voice. 

Sigur Ros - probably the best icelandic band ever. Half of people will find them boring, while the other half will get chills while listening to their music. 

Amiina will always remind me of my sister. I will never forget the day that we were making video based on this song. She had to make one for her studies, and I was forced to be the main actress. 

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