Sunday, 18 January 2015

For those who like to travel

I'm probably not the best person to give advice to anyone, but I believe that you can learn something from my mistakes:)

1. If you ask for direction, do not depend on one person's opinion. You HAVE to ask someone else. The first one can be mistaken and you can end up 50km away from your destination point. 

2. If your plain is delayed, do not depend on what some flight attendant tells you. For example: he/she can tell you that the plain will be delayed two hours, and when you will come back (supposedly on time) it can turn out that your plain is no longer there. [in my case, the same flight attendant told me that I could hitchhike from Spain to Poland...]

3. If you're in a party somewhere in a foreign city, do not go home alone. You will probably get lost trying to figure out the way that leads to your hotel/hostel/home. And if it's late, don't ask some random people for the direction - at 2 a.m. it's a big possibility that you will come across some weird and dangerous people. 

4. If you're on a trip and you forgot to book a room, remember that you can always use internet and find a place where they still have free rooms. If, unfortunately, you can't find any and it's getting late and really cold outside, don't panic. Try to find hostel (which is at least on the second floor) go inside, make sure that there's no room left, and go to the attic - you can sleep safely there. 

5. Do not try to make apple fritters with purple corn flour - it tastes REALLY bad

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  1. yeah, and it looks really disgusting, man! :-))))