Sunday, 8 February 2015

My birthday resolution

I hate birthdays... okay, maybe I should say that I love gifts but I hate the fact that I'm getting older. People are always asking me why am I so sad on my birthdays and I'm really tired of explaining them something so obvious. On this particular day I just wonder if the past year was meaningful, fascinating, do I live my life to the fullest?  
Like most of the people I'm too lazy, too tired, I complain a lot and I'm not self-confident to try and do the things that I really want. 
We are not getting any younger.
So I've decided that each year on my birthday I will do something, that I've never done before.
Good idea, don't you think?
This year, thanks to my boyfriend, I went to the shooting range. As my father was a police chief, he used to keep his gun in our house. I was always curious about it, but I knew that I can't touch it (too many stories about poor children who died while playing with a gun). So two days ago I finally got to try it. I have to say was amazing! I was very excited, but at the same time, really scared. I knew that it's not a toy, that I could actually hurt somebody, or myself, if wouldn't pay attencion. 
For those who have ever thought about it, I really recommend it!

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