Friday, 8 January 2016

It's not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it.

Some time ago I watched a video created by an organization Care Norway called "Dear Daddy". It's a campaign in which a daughter tells her father about all of the harassment and abuse she will suffer because of men during her lifetime.
It's a campaign that is addressed to all the fathers in the world that says: you can do more than protect your daughter from physical dangers, you can change attitudes of men around you".


I have to admit that the video was touching. Maybe because of the few first seconds (not a long time ago I was torturing my sister by telling her what she can or can't eat, sushi was of course forbidden), or maybe because I could identify myself with a few situations that were mentioned in the video.
I could never understand why some men are violent towards women. And I'm talking about this irrational violence. We all, men and women, have mothers, sisters and daughters. And all daughters someday will grow up and become women.

I was very surprised when I saw all those comments below the video. I think that almost all the men that wrote there are strongly offended by this video. Can someone tell me why? It does not tell that ALL men are like that. But there is a lot of them. Someone asked why they are not making a big deal about the women's violence towards men - please, really? Maybe because men are stronger by nature and usually don't have problems handling women? But it's just my opinion...

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