Monday, 18 January 2016

How to learn a language?

Learning a foreign language is not easy. Ok, it's easy when you're still a kid, because then you don't think about learning, you just do it automaticlly, and your brain is relatively "empty" so it absorbs new information really quickly. 

So how should we learn a foreign language when we're older?

1. You have to want it. You can learn a language in few years or in a few months. The one and most important thing that determines how fast will you learn is your will to learn! If you decide to learn because you have to, it will take you years to master the language. If you learn because you are a really curious person and you want to know what your favorite song's lyrics is about, or what your favorite actor talks about in a movie, then you will learn really fast.

2. Learn the basics. The first thing that you have to do is learn some of the most common nouns and verbs. Later, when you will see whole frases it will be easier to understand what is it about and your mind will be able to focus on new things that you still don't know.

3.  Repeat! Don't try to learn 30 or more words each day. If you will try to do that, after few days your mind will mix all the words that you have learned and eventually you will forget everything.  Each day try to spend some time to repeat every word that you've learned. Just after the revision you can try to memorize some new words.*

*If you are a true genius this does not concerns you. 

And here you have something that really made my day:) It's so true and at the same time so horrifying...

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