Monday, 4 May 2015

When people lose their patience

Have any of you seen the movie "Relatos Salvajes"? I remember that when I saw the poster I thought: "omg... just not another REC movie...." And because it reminded me of this terrible movie called "Genesis" it took me a while to go to the cinema to see Szifr├│n's film.

Wild Tales is made of six different stories that are linked by common themes. 

"Catharsis, vengeance and destruction... and the undeniable pleasure of losing control".

It's about ordinary people who have been pushed to their limits, people who had enough of injustice and pretending that everything was fine. 
It's about people who have lost their patience. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could scream at your boss without thinking about all the consequences? Without worrying that you'll get fired and you will not be able to find another job? Just to let your emotions out...
But you know that you can't do that. 
We have this quiet voice in our heads that whispers us "you can't do that! what will society think of you?"
The fun part of this movie is that the characters don't care anymore. 

I remember that a few days after I saw this movie I found out about the Germanwings plane that has been deliberately flown into the mountain by the co-pilot. I was shocked. The first thought was "Pasternak!"

Wanna know why? Watch the movie!

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