Friday, 18 December 2015

A girl who fell from the sky

It all happened in 1971. Julianne and her mother were supposed to fly to Pucallpa before the Christmas Eve, but because of the high school graduation ceremony, they decided to go there on 24th. At about 11am they got into the plane.

After a half an hour of boring flight, the plane flew into a huge thunderstorm. All that she could see were lightning flashes and things that were falling from overhead lockers. People screamed and cried as the plane started to shake violently. She describes herself as disorientated and terrified, as the plane began to nosedive. She remembers that she was still strapped into her seat when she fell of the plane at the attitude of about 10,000 feet. At first she didn’t realize that she was the only survivor. She found herself alone in the Peruvian rainforest. After regaining consciousness, she started to look for a help. Although she had broken her collarbone, she knew that she could not give up. As her parents used to take her on their scientific expeditions, she knew how to survive in the jungle. 

After a few days, she found a rivulet and started to follow it. She knew that finding a river was crucial to find help. Each night she had to find a safe spot to sleep in. She ate only the things that she knew that were not poisonous. When finally she found a river, she had to swim for a long time. Finally, she found a boat. Although there were no people inside, she knew that she had reached the safety. The next day, some forestry workers found her in the shelter on the hill, near the boat.

If you want to know more, watch Werner Herzog's documentary film Wings of Hope !

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