Thursday, 29 October 2015

Łauma by KaeReL

A little girl, named Dorothy, moves from a big city to live in Łojmy, a small village situated in the heart of Suwałki Landscape Park. Although at first Dorothy and her family goes to Łojmy just to visit her grandmother, when they get to the place it turns out that the grandmother have died in suspicious circumstances. After the funeral, the family decides to stay in the village for good. They realise that they have not been happy living in a big city and the father decides that he wants to stay in the countryside.

Despite a few inconveniences, they start to enjoy living in a small cabin near the forest. 
And everything would be perfect if one time the father of Dorothy wouldn't kill the snake which was living in the cabin, under the dresser... 

This is how the comic book "Łauma" begins. The comic book, written by Karol "KaeReL" Kalinowski awarded by The International Festival of Comics and Games in Lódź as the best Polish comic book of the year. 
The comic book Łauma combines humour, fantastic elements and moments of true horror. And all of it is placed in a world surrounded by old beliefs and legends of Yotvingians.

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